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Eos, Feathers

Where: China
Employees: 275 (65% Female, 35% Male)
Founded: 1994

In the Western Anhui province of China lies the famous province of the big white goose and where our Eos feather lampshades are born. Since 1994, the makers behind our Eos lampshades have specialised in the processing of raw feathers and feather crafts. With a blend of cultural heritage and craftsmanship, the feather lampshades are handmade, and each feather is carefully attached to the lampshade. Using only RDS-certified feathers, the factory has a high commitment to animal welfare, and the feathers used for the lampshades are a byproduct that would have otherwise been wasted. Feathers have a rich cultural significance in Chinese tradition, symbolising various virtues and qualities such as beauty, grace, and good fortune. By combining traditional techniques with modern design sensibilities, the artisans create exquisite pieces that add beauty and sophistication to any space.