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UMAGE is a Danish word meaning ‘making an effort’, and that’s what we want to do every day. UMAGE is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment.


At UMAGE, we combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, and infuse it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. The result is exquisite designs with a sustainable edge. Our designs are flat-packed in stylish boxes, to optimise global logistics and make our designs more accessible and affordable. In the process, we minimise the carbon footprint on our planet and maximise our ethical commitment to environmental responsibility.


“We wanted to create a sustainable concept of flexible quality designs inspired by the Nordic design traditions, that made beautiful functionality affordable to everyone.”

Having begun our journey in 2008, established by CEO Jacob Nannestad and Chief creative developer, Søren Ravn Christensen, we have been constantly growing and expanding. Today, UMAGE is present in over 1500 stores in more than 50 countries around the world.

Inspired by nature

Nature creates a feeling of ease, a feeling of tranquillity and accommodate colour palettes, shapes and patterns that are divine. We want to bring this feeling to your home by combining solid natural materials, refined shapes and colours with our ideas of Urban living.


We are dedicated to being sensible frontrunners on the environmental responsibility. If we provide timeless, lasting and functional quality designs, we know nature will prevail, as will UMAGE.


Sustainable feathers

Responsible Down Standard

At UMAGE we ensure that all Goose Feathers used for our Eos feather lamp collection is 100% sustainably sourced from farmland to end-consumer. All feathers are licensed with an RDS certification ensuring the well-being of animals in our production.

Meet the designers

At UMAGE, we have a unique and dedicated in-house design team, making an extra effort to create designs that will make a difference to us all. They will never design a new chair for the sake of the design; they want to make sure that the design will add extra value, whether it is a new dimension of flexibility, functionality or sustainability.

Flexible & functional

Why have a table lamp or a side table and not include a USB or wireless charger as well? Why not make room for storage where space is vacant anyway? UMAGE not only answers these questions but make them happen. One of the key aspects of the furniture and lighting designs at UMAGE is multiple functions and flexibility.

Designing with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset as it reduces the number of products you need to buy to get a complete setting for your space. Most of our lampshades are flexible and can be used as both pendants, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps, using our different standard lighting extensions. Life change over time as we move, redecorate or add members to the family. The flexibility enhances the use of the lampshades in new settings, matching new needs and ensures that you don't need to acquire new lamps every time.