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Asteria Move Mini Portable lamp

1.249 kr
Bring light to your dinners with Asteria Move Mini – a small portable lamp that will cast an ambient light and set the perfect mood... 
ColourWhite marble
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"Despite its small size, the Asteria Move Mini holds the magical ability to transform spaces with warmth, character, and charm"

Technical Details

Assembly time

5 min


Ø: 12 cm H: 25.5 cm


900 g


Steel, marble and ABS

Markings, Tests & Certifications

IP44 and CE (for indoor and outdoor use)

Additional information

Portable table lamp with built-in lithium-Ion battery
USB-C cable and power adaptor incl.

Technical drawing of Asteria Move Mini | Portable lamp

Light Specifications


Step 1: 2600 K - 124 lumen
Step 2: 2600 K - 65 lumen
Step 3: 2600 K - 37 lumen
Step 4: 2600 K - 7 lumen

Power factor

Step 1: 10 H
Step 2: 18 H
Step 3: 26 H
Step 4: 120 H

Light Information

CRI: 92

Light source

LED panel built-in

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