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Hope | Leather

For A Conversation Piece collection & The Reader collection

The OEKO-TEX-certified Hope collection is meticulously crafted with a deep commitment to elegance and environmental consciousness. The Hope leather is a high-quality, semi-aniline leather that exudes a harmonious and warm aura, perfectly suited for lounge furniture. The leather's lightly buffed finish delicately preserves the natural grain, resulting in an elegant, matte, and subtly textured surface. This careful buffing ensures high durability, making it an excellent choice for places where life is lived.


Average size: 4.5 m2
1.1-1.3 mm
Raw material:
European raw hides
Chrome free
Light fastness:
Rubbing fastness, dry, 500 rubbings:
≥= 4 grey scale (IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640)
Rubbing fastness, dry, 150 rubbings:
≥= 4 grey scale (IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640)
Rubbing fastness, dry, 80 rubbings:
≥= 4 GREY SCALE (IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640)
Flexing endurance:
>= 30.000 (IUP 40/UNI EN ISO 5402)

Tearing strength: >= 20 N/mm (IUP)
pH value:
Finish adhesion (dry):
≥2.5 N/cm
Chrome tanned and produced without the use of PCP and CFC which are damaging to the environment. The leather complies with all limits and standards for chrome VI and the REACH declaration. Certified with LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®.
Flammability test:
UNI EN ISO 1021-1/2
BS 5852 2006 Sec. 4 NI/0-1
California T.B. 117

Colour variations




The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
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