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Where: China
Employees: 50 (60% female 40% male)
Founded: 2019

Our glass lampshades, including our Around The World and Butler lampshades, are handmade from mouth-blown opal glass. Producing these mouth-blown opal glasses is a meticulous craft steeped in tradition. Skilled glass artisans gather molten glass on blowpipes and shape it by adding it to a mold and mouth blowing the glass to achieve the desired forms. This hands-on approach allows for a high level of precision, resulting in unique and finely crafted opal glass lampshades.

China has a rich history of glassmaking, with techniques dating back centuries. In Guangdong, a coastal province of southeast China, you'll find our glass supplier. With more than ten years of experience producing mouth-blown opal glass, the makers combine centuries-old techniques with advanced technology to produce high-quality opal glass products. China's long trade and cultural exchange history has influenced its glassmaking traditions. Techniques and styles from other regions, such as Europe and the Middle East, have been incorporated into Chinese glassmaking practices over the centuries, resulting in a fusion of styles and aesthetics.

In recent years, China's glass industry has placed a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. All our opal glass is GRS certified, ensuring the use of recycled material in the production and minimising environmental and chemical impacts.

Producing handmade, mouth-blown opal glass for lampshades is a blend of precision, artistry, and tradition, resulting in exquisite pieces that illuminate and adorn living spaces with their timeless beauty. As a natural consequence of handmade designs, beautiful irregularities make each piece unique, underlining the craft of glass artisans.