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Upholstered Furniture

Where: Denmark
Employees: 10 (40% female, 60% male)
Founded: 1968

On the East Coast of Jutland, Denmark, selected UMAGE lounge chairs are upholstered. Established in 1968, this upholstery company stands as a beacon of timeless craftsmanship and unwavering dedication.

Enriched by decades of hands-on experience, its people have cultivated a profound understanding of the nuances of furniture and textiles. This wealth of knowledge serves as a cornerstone in the meticulous process of conceptualizing and upholstering new furniture pieces, ensuring that each creation withstands the test of time.

With their high expertise in upholstery, the skilled craftsmen upholster selected UMAGE lounge chairs, including the A Conversation Piece and The Reader collections, in Hope leather, Sørensen Leather, and various Kvadrat textiles.

Steeped in tradition, they embrace excellence, infusing each creation with pride and integrity. Their commitment to craftsmanship is not merely a profession but a timeless legacy, ensuring that every piece that leaves their production embodies the essence of enduring quality and timeless elegance.